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Using Intuition to Stay Safe

One of the important things often taught in self-defense programs is the practice of listening to your intuition. Your intuition usually gives you the first sign that something is wrong when it comes to self-defense. Too often, we allow our mind to rationalize and override our intuition. We talk ourselves out of listening to the danger signals our intuition gives us. We must learn to listen to our intuition, though, as it warns us of situations around us.


Our intuition targets eight feelings in an attempt to get our attention:

Curiosity: the first feeling we normally have is curiosity. Your attention is directed by something that is in your environment. Curiosity tells us to stay aware of what is going on around us.

Hunches: when you have a hunch, you can explain it, but you know something is about to happen. This is your intuition trying to give you time to decide on your next action.

Gut Feelings: a gut feeling normally happens when you meet someone. You may feel that there is something about them that is wrong, regardless of how nice they seem. A gut feeling is something you should never ignore.

Doubt:  we begin self questioning when it comes to doubt. We want to rationalize that everything is okay. This is when you really need to be more aware of what’s going on around you so you can go into a situation prepared and with your eyes wide open.

Hesitation: when we hesitate, our subconscious is trying to tell us to wait and let the danger pass. 

Suspicion:  suspicion happens when your brain is in survival mode and trying to make you more aware of your safety and situation.

Apprehension:  when you become apprehensive, your brain is trying to prepare you. This is often the warning sign that it’s time to prepare yourself to deal with a situation or get out of it.

Fear:  fear is the final survival mechanism your body uses to help save yourself. You should always listen to your fear. Try to understand what is causing you to be fearful, then respond however is best.

Your intuition is always turned on. Unfortunately, the majority of people do not understand how it impacts their feelings, emotions, and health. As you become more aware of your intuition, you will find you have more control over your life and defending yourself.


The Sheep, Wolf, and Sheepdog

Have you ever thought about if you are a sheep, wolf, or sheepdog? Most women tend to fall in the sheep category. Of course, there’s no shame in being a sheep. They are productive members that are valuable to the society. The only way they would hurt another sheep as if it were by accident. Since violence isn’t typically a part of their life, sheep tend to live in denial. They prefer to deny the violent individuals, or wolves, that love to prey upon the sheep. The sheep are the ones that have to constantly check their safety alarms at http://www.safehousetips.com/best-wireless-driveway-alarm-reviews.

The wolves who prey upon the sheet make up about 2% of the society. These wolves tend to be repeat offenders who get what they want from the sheep through murder, robbing, raping, or beating the sheep of their choice. They have no problem using weapons such as guns, knives, clubs, or fists. The wolves are what your nightmares are made of its they can destroy a sheep’s world in seconds.

Violence is embraced by the wolf. His only desire is to satisfy his own needs so he uses violence to get he wants. He will not hesitate to hurt others if he gets him closer to what he craves. The only enemy of the wolf is the sheepdog.

Sheepdogs are a group of people who are gifted to fight against the wolves. They meet the violence with violence so they can protect themselves and others. They are ready to use any force necessary against the wolves, but would never harm a sheep.


Sheepdogs tend to be found in law enforcement, the military, and the martial arts communities. The sheepdog can make sheep feel uncomfortable because it makes them realize there are wolves in the world. These sheepdogs are often ridiculed by the sheep as they are seen carrying weapons and sometimes looking like the wolves.

Being a sheep is a choice. You need to understand, though, that when there is no sheepdog around to fight off the wolf, you or your loved ones could become a victim. It doesn’t need to be like that, though. Everyday citizens can step up to the plate to become a sheepdog, putting their life on the line to fight against the wolves in our society.

So, which one do you choose to be? A sheep, a wolf, or a sheepdog?


Black Belt Protection

You do not need a black belt in martial arts to protect yourself. The local criminals to not go to their martial arts school to learn how to terrorize you. Any sensei that a self-respecting would not allow them. You don’t need one either, since self protection is much different than learning martial arts for sport or tournament. Most schools for martial art teach it as a sport or four tournaments. Granted, training in martial arts is a great path to take to help you learn more about yourself. But when it comes to personal protection skills and self-defense, martial arts is not enough.


Let’s consider your local thug or criminal. Their best weapon is the ability to create fear and injury in their victims. They learn what frightens you and know that they can use violence as a quick and lethal means to get their way. A criminal will not hesitate.

If you want to know how to prevent or stop the attack by criminal, you need to better understand how they operate. This is not something that you can learn in your martial art classes. If you want to neutralize your attacker efficiently and effectively, and negate any violence in a quick amount of time, you need to learn how to target the criminal vitally and to cause injury on your opponent by penetrating injury. These things are not taught in martial arts classes. In fact, there is only one place you can learn this well, a self-defense program that is reputable.

Once you understand how the criminal mind works, how they work in triangles, how to increase your personal protection, and how to increase your awareness, you will then greatly reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

Earning a black belt in martial arts can be fun, but not the best way to protect yourself. The only way to do this is through joining a self-defense class increase your options and your safety.

Police Response Times

Have you ever thought about the average police response time when you call 911? A lot of people claimed they would call 911 if they were confronted with violence. They have a false sense of security to make some believe that a single call will bring the SWAT team to them within moments of calling.

Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. So just how long does it take the police to respond to a 911 call on average?

The American Police Beat did a study that shows the average emergency response time is around 10 minutes. The worst response time is from Atlanta, which is around 11 to 12 minutes. Nashville is close to nine minutes.

Studies done by the Department of Justice showed that the best response time in the nation is four minutes, with the worst being over an hour. The upper income areas typically have the better response times, while the rural and middle-class areas have to wait longer.

Though the Department of Justice has on record that the average response time to an emergency call is around four minutes, they also state the average time a criminal is with his victim is typically close to 90 seconds.

This gives an extra 2 1/2 minutes for you to be raped, maimed, injured, robbed, or murdered before the police show up. Yes, the police arrive after the crime happens almost always, and once the criminal has departed.

Too many people see the police as their personal bodyguards. They are unable to be everywhere at once, though. Our Supreme Court has made it where they don’t have to be. You are unable to sue the police in any instance where they cannot do their job.

The reality of the situation is that, for four minutes or more, you are on your own. If you have ever been in an altercation, you know the criminal only needs mere seconds to inflict serious injury.

You are responsible for defending yourself. Only you are accountable, as a citizen, for the safety of your personal being.

Do you have what it takes to protect yourself? Have you been through mental and physical training that helps you with self protection? If not, it is strongly encouraged that you take a course on self-defense to protect yourself.

When crime comes your way, you don’t want to have to wait minutes waiting for the police to respond at your most vulnerable time. Instead, learn today how you can protect yourself.


Why Women Should Take Self Defense

As a group, women tend to deny the need for their self protection. They tend to rely more on family members and the wall to protect them. Unfortunately, the ones women expect to protect them are the ones that typically commit the crimes. To change that, women need to learn to defend themselves. Below are five reasons every woman should take a self-defense course.

  1. Crime can happen any time to anyone. This is a harsh reality. At some point in your life, you will likely be targeted by a predator. You may be attacked while alone and vulnerable. Many times this happens when it is least expected. You need to know what to do.
  2. Make yourself a role model. Women are always telling their daughters they can be what they want to be. Safe is a good thing to be. We need to show them how to protect themselves from domestic violence, assault, incest, rape, and other attacks by setting the example of standing up and defending ourselves.
  3. Empower yourself. Learning to defend yourself is very empowering. You may walk into a class feeling like a sheep but walk out filling strong, determined, and empowered, ready to take control of your life.
  4. Protect your own life. Self-defense is a kind of life insurance. We all spend money to ensure our property, cars, and life, but many times are hesitant about spending money on a class that can really save our lives. A self-defense class can protect your life, giving you real insurance.
  5. Take a class to protect the ones you love. If none of the other reasons are good enough for you to take a self-defense class, you should do it for the people who count on you. This can include your siblings, parents, spouse, and children. If you find yourself in a situation and are unprepared to defend yourself, you may leave them without someone to care for them. Who will take care of them then?

Taking the time to empower yourself is an important thing to do for every woman. You may even surprise yourself with all the new things you discover you can do. You will certainly find a new strength within yourself that will ultimately improve your life.